BMMC, ediţia 2017

Anul acesta, cea de-a XX-a ediţie a Congresului Comitetului Balcanic de Medicina Militară (BMMC) va avea loc, în perioada  25-28 septembrie 2017, la Belgrad, Serbia.

În vederea pregătirii participării delegaţiei României la manifestarea ştiinţifică, vă rugăm să transmiteţi, la adresa de e-mail, până la data de 15 mai 2017, abstractele lucrarilor pe care doriţi să le prezentaţi în cadrul secţiunilor Congresului (sub formă de poster sau prezentare orală).

Selecţia participanţilor pentru această manifestare se va baza pe:
– calitatea lucrarii transmise;
– legatura cu medicina militară;
– ordinea transmiterii abstractelor;
– recomandarile liderilor de opinie în domeniu.

Pentru a veni în întâmpinarea dumneavoastră, ataşăm următoarele informaţii:
(1) indicaţiile organizatorilor;
(2) model de abstract;
(3) anunţ privind mesele rotunde propuse.


You are invited to submit one or more abstracts describing original research to be considered for Oral Paper or Poster Presentations. Accepted papers will be presented at the Congress and the abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book.

Approved abstracts for papers and posters must not exceed 250 words. The official language of the Congress is English.

The Oral presentations should be not more than 8 minutes in duration followed by a 2-minutes discussion; however, this may vary depending on the session.

The Poster presentations should be in electronic format – Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 Presentation (*.pptx). Accepted presentations should be not more than 6 slides including the title slide.

Abstract Content

Abstracts must adequately describe the objectives and results so that the quality, originality and completeness of the work can be evaluated. Each abstract must contain the following:

OBJECTIVE: indicates the primary purpose of the study

MATERIALS & METHODS: description of data sources, subjects,       design, measurements, data analysis

RESULTS: summary of data and results

CONCLUSION: statement of the study’s conclusions and/or implications of the results

The abstract does not include any TABLES, IMAGES or PICTURES.

Abstracts must adhere to the following:

  • Abstracts should be submitted to the National Boards of BBMC
  • Deadline for abstract submission will be determined by each National Board and should be presented preferably not later than 15 MAY 2017.
  • Abstracts should be written in English, spell checked, and in Microsoft Office Word 2007 format (*.docx).
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point font size, single spacing
  • Word Limit: 250 words total abstract (not including title, authors, addresses)
  • The files should be saved by the last name of the first author and the first word of the title, separated by dash. If two or more names coincide, make difference by using initials of the other author’s names, for example: IVANOV. S. P.
  • Authors: include author’s name(s), affiliation (hospital, clinic, etc.) city and country.
  • All abstracts should consist of the following items:
  1. 1. TItle of the ABSTRACT in capitals
  2. Authors

A/ Military Rank
B/ LAST NAME, first name in inversion
C/ Authors’ last names should be written in capitals. Only the military rank, LAST NAME, first name, title of the presenter will be underlined.
D/ Professional and scientific titles such as “MD, PhD,  Dentist, Pharmacist,  Registered Nurse, Nurse, Biologist, etc, as the academic title “Prof. , Assoc. Prof.” etc. should be indicated.
E/ Hospital Name (no abbreviations)

  1. Abstract text
  2. Author’s mail address, telephone, fax, mobile phone, e-mail


(2) Sample: (follow by style)

ReconstructIon of a HospItal for IsolatIon and Treatment
Angelov Konstantin MD, Col. Plochev Kamen MD PhD, Col. Galev Andrey  MD PhD
Military Medical Academy, Clinic of Infectious Diseases, Centre of Military Epidemiology and Hygiene, Sofia, BULGARIA

The purpose of this paper is to provide information about…………………………………

Military Medical Academy, Georgy Sofiisky Str. 3, 1606, Sofia, BULGARIA
Fax: + 359 ……….
Telephone: + 359 ………..
Mobile Phone: + 359 ………….
/File name:  Angelov-reconstuction.docx/


  1. The organizers and editors reserve the right to reject any abstracts that do not meet the above requirements, and to edit abstracts.
  2. Please note by submitting your abstract to this meeting, you are agreeing to transfer ownership of copyright for the abstract and its content to the 20-th Congress of BMMC to enable publication in the abstract book.

The main topic:

Balkan Military Medicine – Current Approaches

Internal Medicine
Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics
Experimental Medicine

Transplantation of solid organs and stem cells
Up-to-date in treatment of acute and chronic wounds
Military Medicine in Peacekeeping Operations – exchange of experiences (migrants’ crisis, peacekeeping and support operations – UN and EU mandatee, MIMMS) (moderators: commanders of deployable hospital role 2/3)